DO YOU Require GST Registration ? Do you know that?

GST Turnover Limit

The Central Government has decided to provide two threshold limit for GST Registration for suppliers of goods, Rs.20 lakhs and Rs.40 lakhs. However, each of the individual State Governments must decide on the threshold limit within a week as the State’s revenue is also tied to GST. This decision will now lead to various States having different GST threshold limits overtime.

Service providers will continue to be required to register for GST once they cross a turnover of Rs.20 lakhs and in case of Special Category States at Rs 10 lakhs.

GST Registration

Calculating GST Turnover

Aggregate turnover is an important term that determines GST registration requirement. Turnover, in common parlance, means value of a business over a period of time. Aggregate turnover in GST can be described as the taxable value of supplies of goods and services, exempt supplies of goods and services, export of goods and services and inter-state supplies. Hence, aggregate turnover for GST includes supplies of goods or services, supplies exempt from GST and exports.

Purpose of Aggregate Turnover

The basic pre-requisite for registration in GST is the aggregate turnover. The laws of GST states that any turnover up to 20 lakhs is completely exempted from GST, 10 lakhs for special category states except the state of  “Jammu and Kashmir”, which is fully exempted from registration, while anything above these values are subject to registration. The aggregate turnover is calculated by taking together the value in respect of the activities carried by all the entities of the concerned person on a pan- India basis.

Special Category States

Eleven states are conferred with the status of special category, as prescribed by the Government. These are:

Arunachal Pradesh


Jammu and Kashmir(Fully exempted)







Himachal Pradesh


GST Registration

How to calculate Aggregate Turnover?

Aggregate turnover can be calculated as follows:

Value of all (taxable supplies+Exempt supplies+Exports+Inter-state supplies) – (Taxes+Value of inward supplies+Value  of supplies taxable under reverse charge + Value of non-taxable supplies) of a person having the same PAN(Permanent Account Number) across all his business entities in India.

Which is not inclusive?

The below given charges must be excluded while calculating aggregate turnover:

Taxes with respect to CGST, SGST or IGST Acts

Value of taxes payable on reverse charge mechanism

Value of inward supplies of goods and services

Value of Non-taxable supplies of goods or services like Alcohol, Petrol etc.

Difference between Aggregate Turnover and Turnover in a State

Aggregate turnover helps in calculating the threshold limit and composition scheme, while the turnover of a state is used in calculating Composition levy.

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