EXCEL Bases Petrol Pump Accounting

Complete Petrol Pump Accounting - Excel Based Inventory Software


1. Data Maintaining

  • Credit/Cash Sale Through Card.
  • Meter Reading Sales
  • Fuel & Lube Purchase with Decanting Detail
  • Sitewise Feeding (Godown/Showroom)
  • Shift wise Feeding
  • Salesman Wise feeding
  • Slip wise Feeding

  • 2. Bill creation :

  • Monthly/Fornightly/weekly/periodic billing
  • Consolidated Bill Vehiclewise.
  • Consolidated Bill Datewise.
  • Separate Bill Vehiclewise.
  • Automatic Bill Generate
  • Cash & Credit memo printing

  • 3. Financial Reports :

  • Party/Vehicle wise Ledger, Trial Balance / Trading / P & L A/c,Balance Sheet.
  • All Vat / GST Report
  • Bank Reconciliation / Profit Comparison
  • Party Points Reports / Profit Loss Report
  • Salesman Wise Reports / Diff Types of Interest Report.
  • Debtor's profit
  • Billwise / Slipwise Outstanding

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    Question and Answer

    1 audit of petrol filling station? Yes
    2 cogxim vaanijaya? no
    3 diesel expenses accounting? Yes
    4 hitech petrol pump software? yes
    5 lepetro? no
    6 mmi software free download? yes
    7 oilex petrol pump software? yes
    8 oilex software? no
    9 petro erp? yes
    10 petro erp 4.2 price? yes
    11 petro genius demo? yes
    12 petrol pump management software india? yes
    13 petrol pump management system project in php? Yes in demand
    14 petrol pump software tally? Yes Possible But with limitation Employees payment control NA ( for Example Paytm, phone pay record etc)
    15 petrol pump stock register? yes
    16 ppt on petrol pump management system? yes on demand
    17 pump count software? Pertol or Stock counting is possilbe only excel not need any software
    18 pump software free download? yes
    19 pumpmate download? No
    20 soft gun petrol pump software? yes
    21 softgun petrol pump software? yes
    22 softgun software free download? yes
    23 vat audit of petrol pump? Yes

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