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GST Monthly Return Application

Steps to Get GST Registration
1.     Send document on
2.     Make Online Payment
3.     We will apply for Goods & Service Tax (GST) registration in the Name of Business. (4-5 Days' Process)
4.     We will send you the Goods & Service Tax (GST) Registration Certificate.

Documents Required for Freelancers/ Proprietership Business

1.     Photo of the Applicant
2.     Voter Id/ Driving License/ Passport/ Aadhar Card Of the Applicant
3.      Muncipal Registered Deed/ Electricity Bill/ House Tax Paid Reciept of the Registered Office (if owned) Rent Agreement & NOC is also required in case property is not owned.
4.     Bank Statement/ First Page of Pass Book/ Printed Cancelled Cheque is required for Bank Account proof which must contain Account No & IFSC Code.
5.     Your business Name

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Application of GST Registration is very Easy like a facebook Account open, In a Simple Way go to the link and fill form accourding to provision of GST law. If you have good knowledge GST Law then Apply. If you have not good knowledge then you have to appoint professional.  
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