How to file GSTR 9 ( free taxwill help ) with Free excel tool for GSTR 9

GSTR 9 divided in 6 parts
Part-1 of GSTR 9 FormatBasic Details of Taxpayer
Part-2 of GSTR 9 FormatDetails of outward and inward supplies declared during the financial year  table 4 to 5
Part-3 of GSTR 9 FormatDetails of ITC as declared in returns filed during the financial year
table 6 to 8

Table 6 should identify (input from capital goods or  input services or input goods )
Part-4 of GSTR 9 FormatDetails of tax paid as declared in returns filed during the financial year  table no. 9
Part-5 of GSTR 9 Format

( Important )
Particulars of the transactions for the previous FY declared in returns of April to September of current FY or up to the date of filing of annual return of previous FY whichever is earlier

Sale Ammendement
table 10, 11,

Purchase Ammendement
Table 12, 13
Tax Paid table 14( Important )Difference in 10 , 11 should paid in
Part-6 of GSTR 9 FormatOther Information such as demands and refunds Table 15 ,  Late Fee supplies received from composition taxpayers and deemed supplies table 16, HSN Summary table 17, 18,  etc.
Part 1 - Auto filled by GST Goverment 

Part 2 - Fill column for detail as per 3B


if any amendment in next financial year 

Table 4 + Table 10 - Table 11 should match with the books of accounts total Sales / Supply

Table 4 = 3b sales, 
Table 10 =  Gstr 1 amendment in next financial year but tax not yet paid 
Table 11 =   Gstr 1 amendment in next financial tax paid but not need to pay (sales return)

Please identify table number 4 + 10 - 11 = books of account

Case 1 : GSTR 1 amendment in next financial year
Should mention in table 10,11,12,13

Case 2 : 3b amendment in next financial year

Important table should check before filling GSTR 9
TABLE 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 13, 

8 TABLE 8C, 8E, 8F 


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